The Oscar for the Best Vintage Celebrity Endorsement

05 Oct
The Oscar for the Best Vintage Celebrity Endorsement

Envisioning The American Dream

Hollywood Celebrity Endorsement Smoking Chesterfield Cigarette Ads And the Oscar for the most celebrity endorsements goes to…Chesterfield Cigarettes. Tobacco companies paid Hollywood Oscar contenders of the 1940’s and 50’s millions of dollars in today’s money to endorse their brand of cigarette. Just a sampling of top box office stars who appeared in Chesterfield ads alone were (Top L-R) Rita Hayworth starring in “Down to Earth” 1947, Ann Baxter in “Follow the Sun” 1951, Kirk Douglas starring in “Young Man With a Horn” 1950, (Bottom L-R) Bing Crosby, “Riding High” 1949, Tyrone Power in “Luck of the Irish” 1948, and Claudette Colbert starring in “Sleep My Love” 1948

Hollywood and Madison Avenue were a marriage made in commerce heaven.

Nothing sells like celebrity, so in honor of “Oscar” a sampling of some former Academy Award  winners and their winning endorsements.

The Oscar for the Best Celebrity Endorsement goes to…

Claudette Colbert

Vintage RC Cola ad Claudette Colbert 1942 Vintage Royal Crown Cola ad 1942

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