SHORT ATTENTION …. SPANNED!!! ( spotlight on a generation deprived)

22 Nov


Once upon a Country…having great morals and values, most all couples got married in the church.  Marriage was a unite in Christ.  Unfortunately, as time passed, many marriages began leaving their vows in the church.  And, in these unions,  Christ never entered their homes.

During the mid-1960s , women took off their aprons, men took off their hats, as did bakers, cooks, nurses, policemen, postmen, cabdrivers, airline stewardesses, clergy and many more.  The unveiling of commercial and industrial uniforms soon followed.

This once great country inherited many mindless fathers, shameless mothers, and aimless re-constructed families. Consequently, too, there came an upsurge of bad law, bad medicine and bad religion.  The business of fast foods and restaurants grew as a fashionable convenience.  Home-cooked, family meals and togetherness began to fade.

When the families brokeup, many mothers continued to close the door on the spirit of Christ.  Thus, people became more and more of who they ought to be.  Christ-centeredness was the only strength that has kept this great country since its founding. 

Before the 1960s, American families trusted the supernatural guidance of Christ, faithfully, by living a modest life.

Have we Americans become desensitized?  No doubt, dissolution is confusion.  We, as Americans, have allowed ourselves to be re-defined. 

Traditional America has become non-traditional and, now transformed into automated.  Automation has,  in seemingly, ‘a blink of an eye’, stripped the U.S. labor force of its jobs. The next step was outsourcing America’s resources. 

In every aspect of morals and values, we, as a nation have allowed ourselves to be cheated.  And you, Generations X,Y, Z,  say–“it’s all good”?

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