Gear Head Tuesday – Packard’s Last Gasp

15 Jan


'56 Packard Man

Gear Head

'58 Packard Starlight

This post was inspired by the ad for this 1958 Packard Starlight coupe in Hemmings.

Over the course of this blog’s “Gear Head Tuesday” posts and on its predecessor blog, we’ve covered the sad story of Packard’s demise – and what we missed when Packard was unable to produce the Predictor-inspired 1957 models.

Packard’s last gasp was in 1958 – a sad end to this once-great marque. The house fell on Packard when the company’s president, James Nance, was unable to finance the all-new ’57s. Packard’s merger with Studebaker had been disastrous for Packard. The merger was not structured to Packard’s favor. Studebaker shareholders were favored in the deal. Studebaker even got it’s name ahead of Packard’s in the merged company. Because Studebaker was favored in the merger, much overhead that should have been dispensed with continued to drain the company’s coffers. For only one example, both Packard and Studebaker kept their respective proving…

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