Watch “Gee What A Guy- Yvonne Carroll & The Roulettes (Henz Oldies)” on YouTube

09 May


Yvonne Carroll

is a complete mystery to me. Actually, I didn’t know about her existence until only a few days ago! I have been trying since to find any useful information about this rare early soul singer, with little success, I must say. All I found out is that she recorded about half-a-dozen 45s for different labels, including Vee-Jay, Domain and Challenge, during the early to mid-’60s. She also issued one single in 1963 as Yvonne Carroll and the Roulettes. But I was not able to find a complete discography list or something of the kind: this is the closest I could get (and mostly I did it myself!). Some of these sides are available on different Girl Group / Northern Soul compilations, but otherwise they are quite obscure and hard to get. Anyway, I have gathered here many of her recordings, though I couldn’t find the B-side of the Northern Soul tune ‘A Little Bit of Soap’, ‘Stop the Party’, the A-side of ‘Laugh or Cry’, ‘Magic Moment’, and the 1963 Domain single ‘Earth Angel’ b/w ‘My Sad Love’. Needless to say, a link to any of those would be appreciated! Highlights here include ‘Please Don’t Go’, ‘There He Goes’, ‘Stuck on You’,

‘Gee What A Guy’

and ‘How Long Must This Fool Pay’ a song which bears more than a passing resemblance to Brenda Holloway’s ‘Every Little Bit Hurts’. Yvonne has got a really beautiful velvety voice which I am pretty sure you are going to love as much as I do!

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