Women Aren’t Funny?

23 May
Women Aren’t Funny?


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I wanted to make sure to include a piece in this blog about Lucille Ball, an amazing actress comedienne and business woman, and someone who I actually knew very little about.

So I started watching a lot of I Love Lucy reruns recently, and the show is hilarious. Her scatterbrained but strong willed character, and the endearing way she mocked her husband’s accent, which actually makes me miss living overseas and dating local guys and their charming not-always-successful attempts at English.

A show that I knew even less about was The Lucy Show, a show from the 1960s that featured a divorced Lucy with kids, which Lucille Ball starred alongside Vivian Vance, her BFF from I Love Lucy. 

Through not one, but two successful television shows, Lucille Ball proved that women can be funny, even in a world where, in 2015, I still occasionally hear my female friends lament that…

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