It Happens Every Thursday (1953)

18 Feb

​​Directed by Joseph Pevney

Produced by Leonard Goldstein

Anton Leader

Written by Jane S. McIlvaine (novel)

Leonard Praskins

Barney Slater

Dane Lussier

Starring Loretta Young

John Forsythe

Frank McHugh

Edgar Buchanan

Music by Herman Stein

Cinematography Russell Metty

Edited by Frank Gross



Universal Pictures

Distributed by Universal Pictures

Release date

April 22, 1953

Running time

80 minutes

Country United States

Language English

It Happens Every Thursday is a 1953 American comedy film directed by Joseph Pevney and starring Loretta Young, John Forsythe and Frank McHugh. It was Loretta Young’s final film, as she switched to television work after this point. The film cost $617,085 to make, with Young receiving $75,000 for her appearance.[1]


A high-powered couple move from New York City to a small-town where they operate the local newspaper.

Main cast 

Loretta Young as Jane MacAvoy

John Forsythe as Bob MacAvoy

Frank McHugh as Fred Hawley

Edgar Buchanan as Jake

Gregg Palmer as Chet Dunne

Harvey Grant as Steve MacAvoy

Jimmy Conlin as Matthew

Jane Darwell as Mrs. Eva Spatch

Willard Waterman as Myron Trout

Gladys George as Mrs. Lucinda Holmes

Edith Evanson as Mrs. Peterson

Edward Clark as Homer

Kathryn Card as Mrs. Dow

Eddy Waller as James Bartlett

Regis Toomey as Mayor Hull

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