“The Moonglows – Sincerely”

30 May

Sincerely” is a popular song written by Harvey Fuqua and Alan Freed and published in 1954.

It was originally recorded by the Moonglows,[1] for whom it was a number 1 single on the Billboard R&B chart and number 20 on the Billboard Juke Box chart.[2] Fuqua was a member of the Moonglows, and the group was managed by Freed.

The best-selling version was a pop cover recorded by the McGuire Sisters, which entered the charts in 1954 and reached number one the next year. It was eventually certified as a gold record.

In 1988 a rerecording of the song by the country quartet Forester Sisters reached number 8 on the Billboard Hot Country chart.[citation needed]

If video is blocked, view  on youtube! If this persists, please report to source.

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