1940s Women’s Fashion Trend

06 Aug
1940s Women’s Fashion Trend

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1940’s fashion – Womens Dress Code in the War Years

1940s Clothing – Women’s Dress and Style

1940s Utility Fashion - Norman Hartnell Designer

Now see the lavishly illustrated concise history of 1940s women fashion !!


1940s World-War-Fashion-influence - Glamourdaze

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1940’s Fashion Key Features.

Whether it was a dress,sleeveless sweater, cardigan, silk dressing gown or bodice, the padded or puffed shoulder was the dominant look. Originally made popular in the mid to late 1930’s by designer Elsa Schiaparelli and actress Joan Crawford , it now defines the look of the 1940’s woman.

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Bodice Top or Dress

Traditionally a two piece garment sewn together. Popular 1940’s bodices had padded or puffed
shoulders with Long or short sleeves.

High round, sweetheart, small collars.

1940’s Shoe Style.
Oxfords, Pumps and Sandals were the order of the day. Visit the Complete guide to 1940’s women’s shoes

1940s shoes

1940s womens shoes

Inset, short or long, puff.

The War Years – Ration Fashion in the 1940s.

In all countries involved in the conflict, fashion houses either closed, or worked for their governments. In Britain – Designer Norman Hartnell speedily produced designs which were mass producible – yet colorful and feminine.

1940s Utility Fashion - women - Norman Hartnell Designer

In France, most of the leading couture houses like Chanel and Schiaparelli shut during the occupation and by default, the rise in consumer friendly and affordable fashions took off in the USA.

1940’s Hosiery

1940s Nylons ! Though not commonly available when the war started, as there was a huge drive to ‘ hand in ‘ your nylon stockings to the authorities, so they could be used for the war effort. Everything from parachutes to the nose cones of bombs. Whilst American women at home went without, the US army issued American soldiers on their way to Europe with nylons to woo British and French women with. By all accounts it worked ! When the war ended, the sale of nylon stockings went through the roof. Durng the austerity years of the war – the make do and mend era, the lack of nylons had women on both sides of the Atlantic resorting to leg cosmetics, painted stockings , also called liquid stockings . The drawing in of the all important seams being the difficult final touch!


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